Florence Pugh falls in love and runs Andrew Garfield over in ‘We Live in Time’ trailer

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh’s silver screen love story is sparked by a meet-cute – that is, if you call getting run over romantic.

The couple enters a decade-spanning, impassioned romance in the new trailer for director John Crowley’s “We Live in Time,” released by indie distributor A24 on Wednesday.

The trailer follows the love story of the unlikely pairing, Tobias (Garfield) and Almut (Pugh), as they quickly fall for each other, build a home together, and raise their daughter. They first meet in a hospital waiting room, with Tobias bandaged and adorning a stiff neck brace. When Tobias doesn’t recognize Almut, she introduces herself as the women who accidentally ran him over with her car.

After their first night spent together, Tobias, who has since shed his neck brace, hurries to leave before Almut asks, “What’s the rush?”

The intensity of their love story starts to kick in, with Tobias answering, “Because I’m worried there’s a very distinct and real possibility that I’m about to fall in love with you.”

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Between the blur of present, past and future, Almut appears to face her own health crisis, appearing later in the trailer at the doctor’s office with a shaved head and Tobias by her side. The trailer gives a glimpse into the epic love story of Almut and Tobias without disclosing the nature of the “serious” talk they need to have with their daughter, leaving room for mystery before the film hits the theaters later this year.

Watch the trailer for ‘We Live in Time’:

“We Live in Time” was written by Nick Payne and also stars Adam James, Aoife Hinds and Marama Corlett. Producer credits are shared by Leah Clarke, Adam Ackland and Guy Heeley.

Pugh and Garfield were first seen in the public eye when they presented together at the 2023 Oscars. Later that month, Pugh confirmed they would co-star in a movie during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” In May 2023, Pugh posted on Instagram to share that they had completed filming for “We Live in Time” and was seen in Rome with Garfield that same week.

‘We Live in Time’ movie release date

“We Live in Time” will be released on Oct. 11

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